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What Happens When You Show Up?

Please join me for a quick 15 min devotional where I break down the spiritual relationship between obedience and blessings as revealed in Deuteronomy 28 and some recent thoughts God has laid on my heart. Feel free to share!


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Karen Baer
29 de mai. de 2019

Hi Lindsey, I just wanted you to know what a blessing you are to me and I am sure to so many others. I so needed your "What Happens When You Show Up" today. Feeling like throwing in the towel and you have left me with a great message of encouragement. I have just started reading your blog. The first one I read was Hand it over. I so appreciate your transparency in your video as you serve. David and I just had dinner with Kathy and Jay Freudland last night and I mentioned you. How far we have all come and so much further to go. But you have encouraged me to continue to show up.

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