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The Baynes are originally from the mountains in upstate South Carolina. After several years of opportunities to serve locally and globally, the Holy Spirit lead them to where they are now. They have taken on the role of Directors of International Outreach at the Davis Lar Children’s Home just outside of Fortaleza, Brazil and moved there in April of 2018 as missionaries with Action International Ministries.  There, they have established a Mission Post. In this role, they desire to lead and inspire people from all over the world to be mission minded and to experience how to navigate through the life of cross- cultural ministry.  Fortaleza is known as the "child sex trafficking capital of Brazil" so the Davis Lar Children's Home houses many children that were used in either drug trafficking or sex trafficking.  But, they do not only serve the Children's Home!  They are involved in a local church plant, weekly outreach in a poverty ridden slum, and spiritually leading the staff of the Davis Lar Children's Home.


They organize international mission teams and short- term missionaries/inters and encourage them to confidently serve, using their skills and life experience.  The other side of their ministry is to help raise up the children of the Davis Lar by providing biblical guidance, discipleship, and teaching skills to the children to prepare them to be confident, contributing, Christ-loving adults.  While diving into this ministry, they also are working intentionally with their children to help them see their roles in this life. 

The Baynes have 5 ministry focal points that they are able to focus on with the help of locals and the international teams and interns that come to serve:

     1.  Discipleship and skill teaching at the Davis Lar Children's Home

    2.  Supporting the local church plant

    3.  Community outreach

    4.  Spiritual leadership 

    5.  Outreach in a poverty ridden area outside of the city

This page is a place to allow the Baynes to transparently share the life of cross-cultural ministry and to hopefully provide inspiration and teaching to anyone interested in cross-cultural living. Whether it be about encouraging your children in ministry, dealing with conflict, staying healthy while serving, or even the uncomfortable topic of spiritual warfare.  While they are not experts, they seek guidance from the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ, and they have a deep desire to openly share their experiences. Lindsey does most of the writing, but you may see some wise words written from Tim.  When visiting the States, Tim and Lindsey are happy to speak to groups or churches about their experiences. If you are interested in having a discussion about bringing your family to serve for a week, coming individually as a short term intern, or gathering a group to come and serve, feel free to contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.

 You are INVITED to ask questions, engage, and to be welcome here.


Tim and Lindsey Bayne

Directors of International Outreach, Davis Lar Children's Home

Action International Ministries- Brazil

The Baynes believe that God created the universe and that He sent His only and perfect Son, Jesus, to suffer and die for the sins of all mankind. Jesus took our punishment and He rose from death! The Baynes  believe in God the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.  Because of what Christ did for all of mankind, we have are a new creation in Him through repenting of our sins and professing that Jesus is our only Savior.  Without a relationship with Jesus, we cannot have any relationship with God.

click the footprint to read details about our ministry focal points and why.

A video about our ministry here in Brazil

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