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The Fierce Woman

Updated: Mar 23, 2019



“The fierce woman picks up Jesus’s challenge with the intensity required to follow hard after him, her passionate love for him takes over when her flesh raises a fuss Her longing to know him more, gives her the motive to press in further when things get hairy.

Pushing aside fear of man, turning a deaf ear to self conscience clamoring, stepping out in faith, the fierce woman seizes the kingdom of God, grabs on to Jesus-


~”Fierce Women: The Power of a Soft Warrior”, Kimberly Wagner


For those of you that know me well, you would know that I wouldn’t be described as timid (even though I do have my rare, but timid moments). I played contact only sports for 10 years and as an adult I have LOVED taking on the challenge of long distances races. I usually am outspoken and have really worked on continuing to be outspoken with grace and without arrogance. It is not that I feel I know more than others, but I do like to share my thoughts and questions.

And I have faced challenges with other people with my personality.

When I was in a course earlier this year, I wanted to learn more, so I would gently raise my hand in class, wait to be called upon, and i would ask questions to help me understand. I did this often, and was eventually pulled aside and told I needed to give other people a chance to talk. As my heart sank in my gut,I thought well why aren’t they asking questions? Do I interrupt or talk over people? I only spoke when I was called upon. But I thought this class was for us to learn, and I learn well by asking questions.

I realized that my strong personality can give me a complex. It is nothing I have ever been ashamed of, but I do not want my confidence and eager-to -ask-questions to be misconstrued as arrogant, a form of bullying, or a know it all.

Channeling my natural fierce personality doesn’t mean to bully others, be arrogant, or just basically run my mouth constantly.

It means to stand up for injustice, and speak boldly. Not to be quick to speak and make a speech of all of my thoughts, as a fool’s voice has MANY words (Ecclesiastes 5:2,4)

Look at the story of Esther. Many women and girls are inspired and wide-eyed by Esther and her act of rescuing people by acknowledging she was in that position “for such a time as this”.

Haman was after her people and was determined to kill all of them. She had been selected to be the wife of the King Ahasuerus. She followed the wise counsel of her guardian and cousin, Mordecai, and did not speak about her ethnicity to her new husband, the King. Speaking too quickly about her family background would result in destruction and death for her people.

She was bold, brave, and had a fierceness in her that was from God, she also knew what she had come from and exuded humility. She didn’t bully people or put the villain, Haman, in a headlock. She didn’t create a riot and march around obnoxiously. She also did not sit in a corner crying about the dilemma she faced. She was wise enough to know who had the authority to put a stop to Haman so she waited PATIENTLY, and spoke the TRUTH calmly.

Her wise and brave actions resulted in saving her people, you should read the story!

Since we have been living in Brazil (almost 8 months now), I have not been able to communicate as much as I would like, to give advice, or share a concern, or ask questions.. because I have been learning the language and the culture. This hasn’t been a bad thing, it has helped me to evaluate when do I REALLY need to speak up? It has also shown me how God has given me this season so that I can have a strong discernment and speak the TRUTHwith GRACE.

But i have also dissected my personality and struggled with knowing when my strong personality was good or bad. When should I tone it down? When and how do I speak passionately without being aggressively overwhelming? I have no desire to be a bully but have a deep desire to teach, listen, and PASSIONATELY encourage.(2 timothy 2:24-25)

  For those of you out there that have a “strong personality”, I am sure you may have faced resistance with your outspoken-ness.

So lately, I have struggled with a little voice telling me “you’re too much, stop being so passionate”. So I found a great book on being a fierce woman and I wanted to share.

In the book, “Fierce Women: The Power of a Soft Warrior”,Kimberly Wagner (author) states the characteristics of a beautifully fierce woman:

"Her identity and value are rooted in her relationship with Christ, rather than a relationship with a man. She is filled with gratitude for God’s good gifts.

Her heart is ruled by the peace of contentment.

She courageously faces her fears, rather than running or hiding in shame.

She is passionate about things that matter, rather than living for the trivial.

She loves God and others. She is more focused on giving love than getting love.

She is willing to battle for a worthy cause, rather than shrinking in defeat.

She grabs the hem of God’s will and doesn’t let go.

She protects and defends the helpless, rather than using her strength to bully others. She is known as a sincere encourager.

She is honest, but kind.

Others feel comfortable in seeking her counsel.

She embraces God’s word as her ultimate authority, RATHER than being swayed by the voices of the culture.

She faithfully CONFRONTS by speaking truth and love, rather than enabling sin by keeping silent.

She walks in confidence and humility that flow from her recognition of Christ’s work of grace in her life. she has the power to influence and inspire because lives under the spirit’s control

Her life is lived all out for God’s Glory, rather than the smallness of self."

God wants to use these characteristics to fulfill his calling on your life, on my life.

For it is by the Holy Spirit that we are the righteous ones that are as bold as a lion ( Proverbs 28:1)

So let’s ask ourselves this question:


Shall we DAREto embrace the challenge of living as the Fierce Woman that exhibits the characteristics listed above?

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